Canadian Catholic Historical Association

CCHA Historical Studies, 72 (2006)

Table of Contents




List of Contributors, p. 4 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Editors’ Foreword, p. 5 (Access in HTML)  (Access in PDF)




Richard Leclerc, Representations of Japan in the Bulletin de l’Union missionnaire du Clergé: A Chapter in the History of Québec Catholic Missionaries in Asia, 1925-1973, pp.  7-28 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Peter Ludlow, Fostering Social Awakening “along safe and sane lines”: Archbishop James Morrison and the Antigonish Movement, pp.  29-53 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Frederick J. McEvoy, “Naturally I am passionate, ill-tempered, and arrogant...”: Father Matthew J. Whelan and French-English Conflict in Ontario, 1881-1922, pp. 54-70 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Ryan O’Connor, “…you can beat us in the House of Assembly but you can’t beat us in the street”: The Symbolic Value of Charlettown’s Orange Lodge Riot, pp. 71-94 (Access in HTML)  (Access in PDF)


Yves Yvon J. Pelletier, Fighting for the Chaplains:  Bishop Charles Leo Nelligan and the Creation of the Canadian Chaplain Service (Roman Catholic), 1939-1945, pp.   95-123 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Elizabeth Smyth, Gertrude Lawler and St Joseph’s Academy: Alumnae, Advocate and Author, pp. 124-141 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)



Abstracts/Résumés, pp. 142-146 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


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