CCHA Historical Studies, 71 (2005), 5




Editorís Foreword




On behalf of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association, we are pleased to present Volume 71 of the journal Historical Studies.This edition marks the first in nine years that has not known the steady hand of Richard Lebrun (associate editor, 1996-1997, editor 1998-2004) at the helm. We gratefully acknowledge, however, the many kindnesses he has continued to offer to the journal, facilitating both the transition to a new editorial team and the compilation of the present volume.


Articles included in this edition feature papers presented at the 2004 annual meeting of the English Section of the CCHA at St. Paulís College in the University of Manitoba. It also includes a paper presented at a previous meeting of the Association and other papers submitted by scholars independently. Papers presented at the 2004 conference at St. Paulís but not presented here for various reasons (either papers given without a view to publication or not offered to the editors) are listed separately on page 6.


The 2005 edition of Historical Studies saw a transformation in the editorial policy of the journal. Peer reviewed since 1988, continued efforts to streamline this process led to consultations with our editorial board in 2004, resulting in a new modus operandi for the journal. All articles submitted for review are now engaged in a ďdouble-blindĒ format, with a minimum of three reviews solicited for each paper, and the identities of both authors and reviewers known only to the editors. For their patience and for their kindness and cooperation at each stage of this new process, the editors would like to express their indebtedness to all of the authors and reviewers who contributed to this volume of Historical Studies.


Finally, both the journal and the Association are grateful to Fr. Edward Jackman, O.P., Secretary General of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association and the Jackman Foundation, for generous support and encouragement.


Peter M. Meehan

Elizabeth W. McGahan