Canadian Catholic Historical Association


CCHA Historical Studies, 71 (2005) 


Table of Contents




List of Contributors, p. 4 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Editors’ Foreword, p. 5 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)




Indre Cuplinskas, “Guns and Rosaries: The Use of Military Imagery in the French-Canadian Catholic Student Newspaper JEC, pp. 7-28 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Terence J. Fay, SJ, “From the Tropics to the Freezer: Filipino Catholics Acclimatize to Canada, 1972-2002,” pp. 29-59(Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


John FitzGerald, “Departures of the Forgotten Bishop: Thomas Francis Brennan (1855-1916) of Dallas and St. John’s,” pp. 60-78 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Sheila Ross, “Faithful Companions of Jesus in the Field of Education in Brandon Manitoba, 1883-1895,” pp. 79-93 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Myroslaw Tataryn, “Harvesting Heritage Seeds in Prairie Soil: The Role of Ukrainskyi holos in the Formation of the Identity of the

 Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada,” pp. 94-109 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)



Abstracts/Résumés, pp. 110-113 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)