CCHA, Historical Studies, 70 (2004), 7




Editors’ Foreword




        This issue features papers presented at the 2003 annual meeting of the CCHA’s English Section at Dalhousie University in Halifax in May 2003, but includes as well papers from previous meetings and other papers submitted apart from these meetings. Papers presented at the 2003 meeting, but not printed here for various reasons (either not presented with a view to publication, not offered to the editors, put over until a subsequent issue, published elsewhere, or declined), are listed separately on page 8.

     Under “Notes and Comments,” a section introduced in our journal a few years ago “to accommodate pieces of various kinds that do not quite fit the usual criteria for articles,” this issue includes a brief  history of two hospitals for Chinese in Montreal and Vancouver. The author, Sr. Huguette Turcotte, M.I.C., herself a member of the congregation of women missionaries that was responsible for founding and developing these hospitals, does not profess to be a trained historian. Nevertheless, as editors we concluded that her brief narration of the story of these two remarkable institutions deserves to be better known; perhaps her “note” will inspire other historians to undertake more detailed study and analysis of the role of religious congregations in health care in Canada.

     We are pleased to acknowledge the assistance of all who assisted the editors this year. We are especially grateful to our authors for submitting their manuscripts, and for responding so promptly to our suggestions and those of our assessors. Our assessors have earned the gratitude of both the editors and our authors for their critical and helpful comments. We would also like to acknowledge the support and advice of our Editorial Board. Finally, both the journal and the Association are most grateful to the Secretary General of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association, Fr. Edward Jackman, O.P., for generous financial support and encour­agement.

                                                     Richard A. Lebrun

                                                            Peter Meehan