CCHA, Historical Studies, 66 (2000), 7




Editors’ Foreword




     Following the custom of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association, this issue of its journal features a selection of papers from the 1999 annual meeting of its English section. Papers presented at the meeting at the Université de Sherbrooke, but not printed here for various reasons  (either not presented with a view to publication, not offered to the editors, or published elsewhere), are listed separately on page 8.

     The editing of an academic journal requires, of course, the cooperation of quite a number of people who are willing to give of their energy and expertise in the aid of research and scholarship. We are pleased to acknowledge the assistance of all who assisted the editors this year. We are especially grateful to our authors for submitting their manuscripts, and for responding so graciously, effectively, and promptly to the suggestions for revision provided by our assessors and the editors. Our anonymous assessors have earned the gratitude of both the editors and our authors for their critical and helpful comments on all the papers that we sent to them. We would also like to acknowledge the support and advice of our Editorial Board. A special thank you goes to Dominique Laporte of St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba, for his French translations of the Abstracts. As always, Mr. Gilles Lépine of Novalis was especially helpful with technical issues. Finally, both the journal and the Association are most grateful to the Secretary General of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association, Fr. Edward Jackman, O.P., for generous financial support and encouragement.


                                                     Richard A. Lebrun

                                                    Mark G. McGowan