Canadian Catholic Historical Association


CCHA, Historical Studies, 65 (1999)


Table of Contents


List of Contributors, pp. 5-6 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


Editors’ Foreword, p. 7 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)




Bernard Daly, “The Evolution of the Thinking of Eugene Cullinane, CSB, 1936-1948,” pp. 9-27 (Access article in HTML) (Access in article PDF)


John Edward FitzGerald, “Archbishop E.P. Roche, J.R. Smallwood, and Denominational Rights in Newfoundland Education, 1948,” pp. 28-49 (Access article in HTML) (Access article in PDF)


Frederick J. McEvoy, “‘These Treasures of the Church of God’: Catholic Child Immigration to Canada,” pp. 50-70 (Access article in HTML) (Access article in PDF)


Vincent J. McNally, “Challenging the Status Quo: An Examination of the History of Catholic Education in British Columbia,” pp. 71-91 (Access article in HTML) (Access article in PDF)


Marion Norman, “Making a Path by Walking: Loretto Pioneers Facing the Challenges of Catholic Education on the North American Frontier,” pp. 92-106 (Access article in HTML) (Access article in PDF)


Notes and Comments


Luca Codignola, “Roman Catholic Ecclesiastics in English North America, 1610-58: A Comparative Assessment,” pp. 107-124 (Access article in HTML) (Access article in PDF)


Abstracts/Résumés, pp. 125-130 (Access in HTML) (Access in PDF)


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