CCHA Historical Studies, 59 (1992), 8



List of Contributors



Mark G. McGowan teaches religious history at St. Michael’s College, Toronto and has published widely in the field of Canadian Catholic his­tory. He is the co-editor of Prophets, Priests and Prodigals: Readings in Canadian Religious History (1992) and Catholics at the “Gathering Place”: Historical Essays on the Archdiocese of Toronto, 1841-1991 (1993). He is presently writing a social history of English-speaking Catholics in Toronto during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Jean Huntley-Maynard teaches English and Humanities at Marianop­olis College in Montreal. In 1992 she completed her doctoral studies in Administration and Policy Studies in Education at McGill University. Her dissertation was an historical study of decision-making at Mariano­polis College, the first English Catholic post-secondary college for women in Quebec.


James Donald Cameron received his doctorate from Queen’s Univer­sity, Kingston, Ontario, in 1990. Since then he has published several articles on the Church Union debate on Prince Edward Island in the mid-­1920s and is currently University Historian, St. Francis Xavier Univer­sity, where he is in the process of completing a history of the university.