CCHA, Historical Studies, 55 (1988), 5



Editor’s Foreword



        For more than half a century, the annual publication of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association has been the principle outlet for historians of the Roman Catholic Church in English Canada. Published in tandem with the papers of our sister organization, La Société Canadienne d’Histoire de l’Église Catholique, it has maintained a consistent commitment to its original objective of encouraging both scholarly and public interest in Catholic history. Over the years, modifications and improvements have occurred without altering the essential character of the publication. The very name of the journal has changed from Report to Study Sessions and eventually to Historical Studies.

     Meanwhile, the focus has shifted more exclusively to the history of the Catholic Church in Canada, while new features have been added, such as the current bibliography of Canadian Catholic historiography begun in 1964 by Father Sheehan and continued by Father Hanrahan and Father Hogan.

     With the 1988 edition of Historical Studies, we enter yet another phase of our development. For the first time, an editorial board has been established, consisting of the Editor, Associate Editor, and three board members. Provision has been made for the publication both of selected papers from the annual meeting of the Association and essays submitted by individual authors throughout the year. All submissions are now subject to a process of independent evaluation.

     Historical Studies remains committed, however, to the publication of research into Canadian Catholic Church history by authors from a wide variety of backgrounds. Like the Canadian Catholic Historical Association itself, it provides a focus and stimulus to the study of our Canadian Catholic heritage. By uncovering new aspects of our often-neglected past, it may serve to inform our present and enrich our future.


                                                       Terrence Murphy