CCHA, Report, 11 (1943), 7-8


Report of the Secretary


English Section, Canadian Catholic Historical Association,
for 1943-1944


     Last year, being the tenth in the regular work of the Association, we were rejoicing over the fructification of so much that at one time seemed only the dreams of enthusiastic members. This year, the eleventh, we can rejoice in the very auspicious beginning of a second decade of planned effort for the growth of the historical spirit in Catholic Canada.

     It is true that in some respects, as growth of membership, this year has not quite equalled the success of last. Nevertheless it seems probable that when a final report can be made the increase of membership this year will be found to be one hundred or more in the English Section, which is second only to the spectacular achievement of last year. The reports of the Treasurer and of the Chairman of the Membership Committee will show in detail that the solid achievement which has characterised the Association since its inauguration is continuing unbroken.

     Unfortunately during the present year it has been possible to hold only one meeting of the Executive Council, that which has been held in connection with the present Annual Meeting of the Association. It is hoped that more council meetings can be held in the coming year. There its much work for the Council to do, not only in organising and conducting the regular work for the Association, which is now passing into the class of “big business” but also in formulating the policy of the Association for the coming years, for the consideration of which much help will be obtained from the Round Table Conference and other discussions that have taken place at this Annual Meeting.

     It has always been the policy of the Association to induce as many of its members as possible to take a part. in actual historical work. But the membership is now so numerous and so widespread that it is impossible for the Secretary or even all the members of the Executive Council to have personal knowl­edge of the interests and activities of any large proportion of the members. It would, therefore, be of real help if each member who is not certain that the Executive already has this information would from time to time prepare and send to the Secretary a statement of his or her special interests in the field of history, of any historical research work or study or historical writing that he may be doing, and of the progress of any historical investiga­tion or the existence of any historical material known to him but not generally known to historical students.

     In the last annual report, that for 1942-1943, a notice was inserted that copies of past reports would be gratefully received by the Secretary. As yet, there has been no response. If, as we may well believe, this indicates that our members have a good appreciation of the value of these reports and a determination to preserve them carefully it is most satisfactory. But if at any time any person may wish to part with such copies he may know that by forwarding them to the Secretary he will make them available for completing the sets of libraries and other institu­tions where they will render worth-while service.


                                  [Signed] JAMES F. KENNEY,


4 October, 1944.