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      Since its founding in 1933, the Canadian Historical Association has been publishing an annual journal. The title of this publication has, however, changed over the years. From Volume 1 (1933-34) through Volume 32 (1965), it was known as the CCHA Report; from Volume 33 (1965) through Volume 50 (1983-84) the title was CCHA Study Sessions; and since Volume 51 (1984) the title has been CCHA Historical Studies.

     This electronic edition of material from back issues includes all the English-language articles published from 1933-34 to the present – except that there will be a delay of one year before the most recently published volume will be posted to this website. In the first year of publication, 1933-34, English and French language articles were published mixed together. Since the 1934-35 volume, English and French articles have been published in separate parts of each annual volume, except for the fiftieth anniversary year, 1983-84, when articles in the two languages were mixed together in a special two-volume publication. Exceptionally, in 1965, there was a French-language article in the English section of the annual volume. For the sake of completeness, the French-language articles from 1933-34, 1983-84, and the lone French article from 1965, have been included in this electronic edition.

     For the most part, “fore materials” (financial reports, secretaries’ reports, conference programs, etc.) have been omitted from this edition. Where they appeared in the print volumes, however, “editor’s forewords,” “lists of contributors,” and “abstracts” are also reproduced here.

     Since 1964, each volume of the CCHA’s journal has included “a current bibliography of Canadian church history” (most recently entitled “a current bibliography of Canadian religious history”). These bibliographies are not included in this collection for the good reason that all the data from the published versions are currently being gathered in cumulative data base that in the near future will be published on CD-R and made available online.

     It should be noted that in the “Table of Contents” provided for each volume, the page indications are for the inclusive page numbers of the original article. This should facilitate using this electronic edition in conjunction with the indices already available on this website for the years 1933 through 1983, where the index references are to year and page number only. An Index for the years from 1984 to the present will be offered at a future date.

     PDF versions appear most like the original print version, with notes appearing as footnotes; in the HTML version, the footnotes are converted to endnotes, which can be accessed by clicking on the blue note reference numbers. To return from the endnote to the text of the article, use the browser “back button.” Word searches may be carried out in either electronic version.

To access these back issues, in either HTML or PDF formats, click on the appropriate link below:

CCHA Report: 1933-34 through 1965

CCHA Study Sessions: 1966 through 1983-84

CCHA Historical Studies: 1984 to the present

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